Waterfront acreage and two street lots near Arichat, Nova Scotia

What is Lennox Pathway? On the map: 50 sweet acres of land on the smooth waters of Lennox Passage, easily accessed by provincial Highway 320. In our hearts: a very special place we now call home.

Waterfront Acreage

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13.91 Acres more or less - contact Cameron Jones at Lennox Pathway.

Two Street Lots For Sale

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3.02 Acres and 2.69 Acres - contact Ralph Neil at Cape Breton Realty.

Our Story

We settled in Halifax beginning in 1998. We enjoyed the city. Made some friends.

Then we discovered Cape Breton.

We had been all over the Province: Shelburne, Lunenburg, the Eastern Shore. Also further afield like the Magdalen Islands and Newfoundland.

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Our Forest Home

Maybe it was the smooth waters of Lennox Passage. Or the Acadian village of Arichat on Isle Madame; something lured us to Cape Breton.

We found some land; built a small home designed by Kent. Voila, un chalet!

Moving To Canada

What does it take to move to Canada? You can start by visiting; Americans can visit Nova Scotia for 6 months a year with only a US passport. My wife applied to immigrate to Canada as a skilled immigrant.
We got a cell phone from Bell, did our banking with PC Financial, and got a home mortgage with HSBC.
We do most of our grocery shopping at the Charles Forest Coop. A weekly trip to Sobey's or Superstore (about 25 minutes away in Port Hawkesbury) covers gourmet and bulk items.
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